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Woman experiencing back pain

Back Pain Treatment in Ponsonby

Low back pain is the most common condition we treat in our office, and we improve or resolve over 90% of those cases. Low back pain is challenging to treat because it can come from many different sources.

What surprises me the most is how often the source of the low back pain is misdiagnosed. There are many causes of low back pain, but by far the most common cause is dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint.

Sacroiliac Joint Sprain

Sacroiliac joint sprain occurs when the ligaments, which are the strongest ligaments in the body, are pulled beyond their limits. This can happen due to:

So Does Chiropractic Care Reverse All This?

The simple answer is, YES! Book a consultation with our chiropractor to see how we can help you. It all starts with a consultation and thorough examination. If we think we can help, we’ll tell you. And if we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you that too and refer you to someone we think can. Get started today with consultation.


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