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Man sittinig at an office desk and holding his back in pain

Poor Posture Treatment in Ponsonby

Nothing has a greater impact on your spine than the way you stand, sit and sleep. It can’t be overstated. Prolonged sitting, particularly with school aged children or office bound workers have an extremely high likelihood of succumbing to neck and postural related problems.

Our near total reliance on computers and mobile phones combined with prolonged hours behind a desk are the ultimate culprits. Just think what this is doing to your spine….better still, look what its doing!

With a forward head tilt, the ligaments at the back of your neck are under constant strain. The ligaments are strained, the muscles stretched and more than likely, the nerves which exit from beneath the skull and between every bone in your neck can be compromised.

The symptoms can vary from headaches, persistent neck stiffness, blurred vision, poor flexibility, needing to constantly rub your neck to depression, anxiety and memory loss. This can have catastrophic effects on work performance, sleep, concentration and make you moody, irritable and sore. With effective chiropractic care, correct flexibility may be restored and with regular maintenance, you can ensure it stays that way!

The same can be said for your lower back. Prolonged standing at sporting events, standing behind desks, on a shovel or working in a production facility can all contribute to posture-induced lower back problems.

Contrary to what you may have heard or believe, your spine and neck are designed to move. Not once a day, but as often as it can. What we know is exercise and play not only promotes endorphin release and lubricates the spine, it stimulates the nervous tissue, invigorates muscles and promotes growth, healing and strength.

Chiropractic care is the single most effective way to manage posture and function for someone always under stress.


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