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Pregnancy Chiropractic Ponsonby

Pregnant woman holding sonogramsThroughout your pregnancy there will be many physiological and hormonal changes. As your baby grows your musculoskeletal system must adjust accordingly to accommodate the growing uterus and prepare for delivery. Chiropractic can help your body stay aligned and functional as your pregnancy progresses.

Many pregnant women experience low back pain, hip pain and pubic symphysis pain as their centre of gravity changes, increasing the lumbar curve and causing extra strain through the lumbar spinal joints.

Besides increasing a pregnant woman’s comfort level, an aligned pelvis and spine can result in a safer and easier birth. Specific pregnancy techniques, can help the baby get into a proper head-down position by balancing the pelvis and ligaments.

Gentle Care

We are experienced in the gentle care of women during all stages of pregnancy.

At Ponsonby Chiropractic we are a family-focused practice providing chiropractic care from birth onwards.

Many parents choose to bring their babies and children to the Chiropractor for the assessment of their neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Infancy and childhood are times of rapid growth. It is important to ensure that the connections between the brain and body develop and function well. Healthy nervous system function can support the achievement of developmental milestones.

Ponsonby Chiropractic is committed to the careful assessment and gentle correction of your child’s spine and neuro-musculoskeletal system to support healthy growth and development.

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